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Weighted Baseballs for Hitting

Weighted Baseballs for Hitting

If you are a baseball player, then you know that hitting is the most important part of the game. It’s also one of the hardest skills to master. If your bat speed is slow or inconsistent, it can be difficult for you to hit with power and accuracy. One way to improve bat speed is by using weighted baseballs!

This blog post will go into detail about what weighted baseballs for hitting are and how they can help increase bat speed in hitters of all ages.

What Are Weighted Baseballs (For Hitting)?

Weighted baseballs are balls that have been weighted with a special material to make them heavier than a regular baseball. They are made of different materials, depending on the brand you purchase. Most of them are filled with steel shot or sand to make them heavier than regular baseballs.

There are different weights of baseballs, and they are usually sold in sets of three or four. The weight of the ball will depend on your age and batting level. For example, younger players might use lighter balls, while experienced players might use heavier balls.

What Are the Different Types of Weighted Baseballs?

There are many different types of weighted balls for baseball, but they can be broken down into 5 main types; Under-loaded, Max-Loaded, Mid-loaded, Dynamic Weights, and Heavy Batting Practice.

Under-loaded baseballs are lightweight and very inexpensive (usually under $10 per ball). They allow the coach to teach proper hand path through the zone and more importantly how to hit a fastball or “hard” pitch; these balls usually come in 1/2 oz, 3/4 oz, and 1 ounce.

Max-loaded baseballs are the most common type of weighted ball for use in baseball training. They come in a range from 5oz to 7oz and allow the coach to work on quick hands through the zone as well as load up your hitters for a more powerful swing.

Mid-loaded balls fall into 2 categories, they either come in the 5oz – 7oz range like max-loaded, but these balls will be longer and fatter (3.5″ around as opposed to 3″). The second type of mid-loaded baseballs are those with a handle that makes them look like an ax; these balls vary from 1lb up to 2lbs.

Dynamic weights are the lightest balls but they also allow for the most versatility as they can be used anywhere from 10 feet away from you out to your pitching distance; this allows you to work on everything from swing path and hand-eye coordination to backspin rates and speed of a fastball coming towards you.

Heavy batting practice balls are usually filled with sand and you will never see a coach using these on his players, but we have included them into this list because we had to explain what they were and why they’re not used. They can be dangerous and very unpredictable, so we do not recommend their use at all.

Please note: Weights of balls may vary from what is written on the ball. The weight of a baseball can change due to temperature and/or how much sand has been filled into the pocket of the ball.

How Do Weighted Baseballs Help Improve Bat Speed?

Weighted baseballs help improve bat speed in a few different ways:

  • They increase the power and accuracy of your swings.
  • They teach you how to generate more bat speed, which will carry over to your regular batting practice.
  • They strengthen your muscles and connective tissues, which will help you hit the ball farther.
  • They improve your hand-eye coordination and timing, which are essential skills for batting.
Weighted Baseballs for Hitting

 How to Use Weighted Baseballs?

Here are a few tips on how to use weighted baseballs for hitting:

  • You should always warm-up and stretch before using weighted baseballs.
  • Always use a batting tee when hitting with weighted balls, as this will help you learn proper mechanics for swinging the bat.
  • It is important to only swing at high pitches that are right down the middle of home plate. Low pitches can force your body into an awkward and painful position.
  • Start with lighter balls and work your way up to heavier ones as you get better at hitting them correctly. This will help prevent any injuries from occurring due to using too heavy of a ball for your current skill level.
  • Use weighted baseballs in your batting practice routine. Swing at them as you would swing at a regular ball.
  • Focus on one aspect of your swing at a time. For example, you might want to work on generating more bat speed or hitting the ball with full power instead of focusing on both aspects simultaneously. 
  • Always have fun! Hitting weighted baseballs can be very challenging, but it’s also a lot of fun.

What Is a Good Batting Practice Routine With Weighted Balls?

You can do many different types of drills while you’re hitting off of a tee or soft toss machine!

  • One drill involves placing several balls on the tee at once. Swing as hard and fast as you can to hit all of the balls off of the tee in one swing! This is a great drill for learning how to transfer power through your body instead of just swinging with your arms.
  • Another good hitting drill is called “tire smash.” Set up some tires about six feet apart and about ten feet from the tee. Hit balls off of a tee with maximum power at the tires to work on hitting balls in different positions around the strike zone! You can also do this drill without using a tee, which helps improve your swing mechanics even more.
  • One last great batting practice routine is called “bat flips.” Divide into two teams and line up on either side of a batting tee or soft toss machine. You will hit balls off of the tee one at a time, but you have to do it as fast as possible! The first person from each team has to hit five balls before moving out of turn. Then the next player goes until their team reaches 25 balls. This drill helps improve hand-eye coordination and batting timing!

What Are the Benefits of Using Weighted Baseballs?

A weighted ball can assist you to boost your swing speed, which is essential for batting! The weight forces hitters to have fast hands and a quick transfer from the lower body to the upper body.

This helps batters develop more power in their swings as well since they are practicing with more weight.

Younger players might benefit from it because they are new to the game and need to learn how to swing correctly. More experienced players might use a heavier ball to practice their power hitting.

It is important to focus on your abilities and not try to swing like someone else. You will see the most improvement by using weighted baseballs in conjunction with regular batting practice.

Are Weighted Baseballs Safe?

Weighted baseballs notably are known to be safe to use as long as you follow the age group guidelines set by the manufacturer. It is important to use the right weight of the ball for your age, height, and weight to avoid any unnecessary injuries.

What Is the Difference Between a Weighted Baseball and an Actual Regulation-sized Baseball?

Weighted balls are usually smaller than regular size baseballs because they have extra weights inside of them that help hitters practice their swing mechanics at higher speeds! Regulation-sized balls do not have added weight, so they are easier to hit. However, they lack the resistance that is beneficial for improving your swing speed and timing at the plate!

What Are the Most Popular Weighted Baseballs on the Market?

There are many different brands of weighted baseballs on the market. Here are as follows:

1. PowerNet 2.8″ Weighted Hitting Batting

PowerNet’s progressive weight system is a great way to develop your technique. The light ball can be used as an introduction, and then you should move on to heavier balls that will help with follow-through when throwing or batting hard! They’re also perfect if you want stronger muscles around the arm area to prevent injury.

PowerNet’s 2.8″ Weighted Hitting Batting Ball is sold in a pack of (9) balls; the size varies from 13-16 ounces and it has nine different models to help players improve their game at any level. Available at Amazon for only $49.99.

2. Rukket 9pk Weighted Baseballs Heavy Balls for Hitting

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10/20/2022 03:15 am GMT

The weighty baseballs are intended to help you feel the force of each swing via their weight, making them ideal for power training or just playing around with. They come in a 9-piece pack with 3 inch diameter balls that weigh 1 pound each.

Available at Amazon for only $49.99.

3. Pinty 2.8″ Baseball Practice Training Weighted Balls

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10/20/2022 03:15 am GMT

Practice as you play with Pinty 2.8″ Baseball Practice Training Balls, 16oz Weighted ball! This scientifically designed weight provides instant feedback so that your swing can be corrected and increased in power for more accurate hits consistently.

These practice balls are perfect for those who want to work hard at getting better results from their training sessions or just have fun practicing all day long without worrying about breaking anything because these heavy-duty pvc shells won’t bust, unlike some other brands.

Available at Amazon for only $26.99

4. PROBAY Weighted Baseballs

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10/20/2022 03:16 am GMT

The PROBAY Weighted Baseballs can be used by any athlete, regardless of age. They add these hitting training balls to their regimen for a more complete workout that helps them improve all aspects of throwing and batting skills- whether you plan on using it as a warm-up before games or practices; slowly building arm strength through repetitive impact with no worries about cracking/shattering due to its high-quality materials!

Available at Amazon for only $29.99

5. Cyfie Weighted Hitting Batting Balls

Cyfie’s Weighted Hitting Batting Balls are designed for people who want to hit the ball more often. They come in three different sizes, small hands- 3.21 inches with ample bounce or large cups if you’re looking solely at practice sessions on your own time when no one is around!

With Cyfie’s, you’ll be able to hit the ball hard and far with ease! The balls come in 6 packs of practice softballs as well as heavy-duty models for hitting all types of game situations.

Available at Amazon for only $34.49

There you have it! These are some of the most popular weighted baseballs on the market! Whether you’re looking for balls with added weight or just fun, new tools to help your swing- these review points will point out all the best options that’ll suit your needs.

What Are the Advantages of Using Heavy Balls Over Lighter Ones?

  • Lighter balls don’t offer the resistance needed to improve swing speed and timing.
  • Heavier balls add instant feedback so that your swing can be corrected and increased in power for more accurate hits consistently.
  • Heavier balls are perfect for people who want to hit the ball harder and further with ease.
  • The balls come in a pack of practice softballs as well as heavy-duty models for hitting all types of game situations.
  • They’re also perfect if you want stronger muscles around the arm area to prevent injury.

What Are the Disadvantages of Using Heavier Balls?

  • Heavier balls can be difficult to control, especially when you’re starting.
  • If you’re not used to the extra weight, it can cause muscle fatigue and slower swing speeds.
  • In some cases, the heavier balls may crack or shatter if they come in contact with a hard surface. Choose your weighted baseballs carefully!
  • They’re difficult to use in some cases if you don’t have enough room for your swing or lack the strength needed.
  • They also take more energy to swing, which can tire you out faster if you’re not used to it.
  • Some players find that the added weight makes them top-heavy and affects their batting stance or throwing motion.

Final Thought

Weighted balls are a great way to improve your swing, whether you’re hitting inside the cage or outside on the field. As we all know, baseball is hard enough without having to worry about how much power you can generate with each swing; weighted balls help by providing an additional challenge that forces players of any age and skill level to focus more on their technique.

It’s not just for professional athletes either- even young kids who want to get better at batting will benefit from these extra weights! Whether it’s warming up before taking some cuts in the backyard or getting ready for game time, there’s no excuse not to give this method a try.

Weighted Baseballs for Hitting


Q: Do the Cyfie Weighted Hitting Batting Balls come in different sizes?

A. Yes! The balls come in three different sizes- small, medium, and large.

Q: What is the difference between the softballs and heavy-duty models?

A. The softballs are designed for precision practice and hitting in a confined space, while the heavy-duty balls are designed for all types of game situations.

Q: Where can I find weighted baseballs?

A: There are available at a variety of stores, both in-store and online. You can also find them on Amazon.

Q: How much do weighted baseballs weigh?

A: Most of them weigh around four ounces more than a regular ball. However, some balls can be as much as six ounces heavier than a standard ball!

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