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Best Wiffle Ball Bats: Know What Greatly Suits You


Have you ever heard of Wiffle ball? How about a Wiffle ball bat?Familiar? Maybe your one of them scratching their head and wonder, is that even a sport? Does it work like baseball? What’s the difference? What are the best Wiffle ball bats?

These are the question that we will be focusing on in this article. We will answer the FAQS about whiffle ball bats! So, continue reading

If you plan to get your kids interested in baseball early on, Wiffle bats are perfect for getting you crushing some Wiffle balls and having some good fun in your backyard. As the famous saying says, “start them young!”

Searching for the best Wiffle ball bat has become a burdensome responsibility as there are many options available. Wiffle ball bats generally look similar to a baseball bat but are made of plastic to play softball. These are typically used for training kids and beginners. So I have gathered FAQS about the wiffleball bat

What’s The Difference Between A Wiffle Bat And A Baseball Bat?

For beginners, Baseball and Wiffle ball bats may look the same for beginners, but they differ in width, length, barrel, and most importantly, the bat’s material. Wiffle ball bats have changed over the past decade.

Instead of the large yellow plastic bats, there are more choices available to improve your game. The best Wiffle ball bats are comfortable to hold and they are heavier to hit the ball even further than before.

The handle diameter tends to be slightly thicker, and the shift from barrel to handle tends to be at a more gradual slope for Wiffle. Baseball players requires a small diameter at the handle to create more speed, while Wiffle bats are thicker for a gradual slope and curving.

Are Wiffle Ball Bats Durable?

 It’s an excellent raining bat for kids that doubles as a 33-inch Wiffle bat. It’s made from ultra-lightweight and durable plastics, and the bats are made to last longer as they come from high-quality plastics, primarily polyethylene. This makes it lightweight and suitable for all your family members. It is also easy to use.

Are The Wiffle Ball Bats Affordable?

It depends if you’re purchasing the wiffle brand or other versions. For a sure thing, the bats come at a different range of prices that will surely meet each parent’s budget. You can always get the budget-friendly wiffleball bat.

What Is The Best Pitch Size For Playing Wiffle Ball?

The pitch sizes vary from one zone to the other, but a standard pitch should be 20 feet with a length of 60 feet. This will allow all players to enjoy the game and train with ease.

How Long Is A Wiffle Ball Bat

Wiffle ball bats vary in their length, depending on the manufacturer. The standard size is set at 36 inches, but they come in a variety of lengths. The average length is in a range from 27 inches through 36 inches.

Wiffle Ball Bat Designs

Wiffle ball bats come in multiple designs. The recent versions present a thinner design that is good for precision training. You can still find quite a few of the larger bat-head sizes, making it easier to contact the ball.

Most maintain their traditional lightweight. Some Wiffle ball bats are made of metal alloys designed to be light, but most are made of plastic materials. We’ve also seen some great versions offered in foam covering.

Before you buy a Wiffle ball bat, let’s consider a few things, like what you’re going to use it for. Is this for practicing baseball drills? or is it for a toddler? This will help you figure out which type of Wiffle ball bat is the best choice for your situation.

We are done with FAQ’s, now let’s go ahead and explore the Best Wiffle Ball Bats!

Best Wiffle Ball Bats

1. Top Pick Wiffle Ball Bat :  Franklin MLB Pro Elite Thin Bat Swing Trainer

Our top pick is the Franklin MLB Pro Elite Thin Bat Swing Trainer is known for  one of the most durable with a unique construction of aluminum material that maintains a lightweight. This helps to prevent cracking or denting of the bat during Wiffle ball play


  • Strengthens swing speed and hand-eye coordination
  • Thin aluminum construction
  • Durable 30″ in length
  • 1⅛” diameter bat barrel
  • Includes three 5½” Soft Strike mini balls
  • To be used with supplied soft balls and plastic golf balls only


  • This bat has a nice grip
  • It’s a great training bat for anyone 9 years old and up
  • Excellent quality for the price


  • The balls that come with the set are a little too light

2. Best Budget Wiffle Ball Bat: Champion Sports Lightweight Plastic Bat

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10/20/2022 03:15 am GMT

The best budget Wiffle ball bat  is perfect for anyone who plays Wiffle ball regularly because it’s a solid plastic bat. It still offers a lightweight and safe alternative to wood and aluminum with more durable plastic construction.It’s made to last from one season to the next, even when used every day.

This bat is 31″ in length, and it is made with a molded handle that is comfortable to use and allows you to maintain a tight grip. This gives you more control over the bat for more substantial hits.


  • Solid plastic bat is a lighter and safer alternative to wood and aluminum.
  • Molded handle for a tight grip.
  • 31″ length.
  • Perfect for children of all ages
  • Safe alternative to wooden or aluminum bats


  • Ridges built into the handle make it easy to hold
  • Great bat for indoor practice
  • The materials are durable, and it’s made with the correct proportions for play


  • It doesn’t hold glue or tape well so you can’t modify the bat easily
  • A bit thin walled

3. Large Bat Wiffle Ball Bat:  Franklin Sports MLB Oversized Foam Baseball Bat and Ball Set

The best bat for kids who are determined to play softball or for those who enjoy playing Wiffle ball. It gets a high rating for performance and durability. This bat can be used for kids age three and up through upper teens. This is an official MLB licensed product, and it comes with the Major League Baseball logos on both ball and bat.


  • 24″ oversized soft rubber foam barrel with blow molded inner core,
  • The bat features a soft foam grip making it comfortable on kids’ hands when learning to play
  • Includes foam ball for safer play in a large 3.5″ size making it easier for kids to see and hit the ball.
  • MLB approved, featuring Major League Baseball Logos on the bat & ball so kids can feel like they’re playing with the pros.


  • The foam helps prevent shoulder strain and injury
  • The size makes it easier to hit the ball
  • A strong bat that holds up well


  • The bat is sturdy but the foam barrel and handle are significantly smaller than the plastic body,

4. Best Metal Bat:  Wilson Sporting Goods Vapor Metal Bat

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This bat provides the perfect combination of durability and performance at an exceptional value. The bat is built of a unique alloy construction, and it features a synthetic leather fade grip that makes it easy to hold for precision hits.


  • Meets new USA baseball youth standard
  • 1pc 7-Series alloy construction 
  • Durable synthetic leather fade grip 
  • 7/8” standard handle


  • A great bat that is light to hold
  • Easy to maintain a grip
  • Good for training and holds up with hard hits


  • The sweet spot is small

5. High Quality Wiffle Ball Bat: Louisville Slugger Replica Bat

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10/20/2022 03:15 am GMT

The Louisville Slugger Replica Bat is made from high-quality, wood-grained plastic and is designed to look like the real thing Very well-constructed plastic baseball bat and an amazing visual replica of a black wooden baseball bat, down to being straight as an arrow and exellent faux wood grain. World-class wiffle ball bat, Also, as a side note, the ball that you will receive with this bat is very good.


  • Exact replica of the genuine C271 34″ big league baseball bat but made of plastic
  • Authentic wood grain look
  • Plastic ball included for safe play
  • Great fun for backyard games


  • One of the best wiffle bats you can buy
  • Extremely high-quality plastic
  • Looks like the real Louisville slugger used in MLB


  • Although the bat is pretty light, it’s a bit too long for a young child

So there you have it, the BEST Wiffle Ball bat you can purchase on the market today.  I understand that there are hundreds of different Wiffle ball bats out there, and this can make it hard to know which one is the best Wiffle ball bat. 

We hope that with the information that  we’ve given you, you’ll be able to make a more informed decision and helped you purchase the right bat for your child. Happy playing!