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Five Best Pitching Machines: Advance Your Batting Skills


If you are a baseball athlete or know the one with dreams of getting into the big leagues, chances are you will need a way to train your batting average better. While you can get someone to pitch for you, you can’t deny that you need consistency in the way that people can rarely accomplish unless they’ve also been practicing their pitching.

If you want to up your batting game, look no further than a pitching machine for your needs! Pitching machines are a great option for practicing batting, and some machines can even help with other skills like catching line drives or pop flies. But with a market saturated with so many options, it’s troublesome to pick the right one for you. If that’s so, then look no further as we’re here to help you decide what machine is suitable for you! keep reading and find out the five best pitching machines in stores near you.

Five Best Pitching Machines

#1 Best Combo Machine: JUGS PS50 Baseball And Softball Pitching Machine

At a glance:

Pitch speeds: 20 – 50 mph

Pitch types: Overhand straights, Softball lobs, grounders, fly balls

Throwing Mechanism: Single Wheel

Weight: 50 lbs

the Jugs PS50 Baseball & Softball Pitching Machine is another versatile machine that delivers consistent 20-50 mph balls every time. Though it has a single-wheel pitching mechanism, it still does a bang-up job of pitching what you need, when you need it as it has a digital readout with a dial that allows you to punch in the speeds you need.

This pitching machine has an adjustable angle that helps you pitch those pop-ups, fly balls, and grounders for defensive training. A significant advantage over most other devices in its range is its versatility when it comes to balls that it can hurl, ranging from softballs, training balls, and of course, baseballs.

Portability is also not a problem, as you can wheel this 50-pound machine on and off the field with no issues and should fit in the trunk of most cars! Be warned, though; this is an electricity-powered pitching machine, so you may have to invest in a battery pack (or a very long extension cord) to power this on the pitch!

#2 Best Budget Softball And Baseball Machine: BSN Bulldog Baseball/Softball Pitching Machine 

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10/20/2022 03:16 am GMT

At a Glance:

Pitch speeds: 30-60 mph

Pitch types: Overhand straights, Softball lobs, grounders, fly balls

Throwing Mechanism: Single Wheel

Weight: 32 lbs

So maybe you’re not in the market for an expensive machine. That’s perfectly fine; after all, not everyone wants to become a major league baseball player! So is there a machine that fits the proverbial bill AND Won’t break the bank? Then the Bulldog is the machine that you’re looking for! Coming in the sub $1000

This machine still throws a mean pitch that can go as low as 30 mph to 60 mph.

This machine is rather versatile as well, as it can throw baseballs and even 11’’ to 12’’ softballs for you.

With its adjustable leg height, you can get that overhand and underhand throws to simulate your pitches for the respective sports of baseball and softball. With its adjustable head, this machine can act your pop-ups and fly balls as well as your grounders.

It’s also a relatively small machine, making it perfect for moving this around the pitch as needed. Though you will need a 110V VAC or a motor with 1/4 horsepower to run this machine – otherwise, you’re good to go!

#3 Best Budget Baseball Machine: HEATER SPORTS Deuce 75 MPH Two Wheel Baseball Pitching Machine

At a glance:

Pitch speeds: 15 – 75 mph

Pitch types: Fastballs, curveballs, sliders, fly balls, grounders

Throwing mechanism: 2 wheel

Weight: 78 lbs

If you’re not looking to pitch softballs and are looking for a pure baseball machine that won’t break the bank, look no further than the Heater Deuce Pitching Machine. Unlike the Bulldog, which can throw pitches from overhand and underhand throwing methods, the Heater Deuce only throws baseballs. That may sound like a downside, but because of its two-wheel construction, the Deuce can be adjusted to throw not just fastballs, pop-ups, and grounders but also throw left or right Handed curveballs and sliders.

The speed of the Deuce pitches can be modified up to 75 mph so that you can level up the skills of you and your team.

The Deuce also comes with a 12 ball loader, so for individual practice sessions, you can get your swings in to get that timing down. The build of the Deuce is also pretty solid, with its two wheels fully encased in the machine for safety.

Like all the others, this machine is motor-powered but can fit any standard socket. Consider investing in a battery pack or a long extension cord to operate this on the pitch.

#4 Most Popular Manually Operated Machine: Louisville Slugger UPM 45 Blue Flame

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10/20/2022 03:16 am GMT

At a glance:

Pitch speeds: 18-45 mph

Pitch types: Fastballs, flyballs, grounders

Pitching Mechanism: Manual Crank

Weight: 25 lbs

So we’ve mainly talked about battery or electric pitching machines. But what if you need a pitching machine that can be operated anywhere and anytime? We introduce you to the Louisville

Slugger UPM 45 Blue Flame, a manual-operation pitching machine!

Despite not having the bells and whistles of electric pitching machines, the Blue Flame is still able to adjust its pitching speed and angle, enabling you to pitch 15 – 45 mph balls with ease, as well as a pop-up, fly balls and ground balls to incorporate defensive training as part of your routine.

The Blue Flame is a foot pedal, crank, and spring-loaded pitching machine that is lightweight and durable. Because of its durability and consistency, the Blue Flame is the official pitching machine of the Babe Ruth League and Pony Softball and Baseball.

Moving this thing around isn’t a problem as well, as the Blue Flame weighs just 25 pounds, so you can drag this on and off the pitch with relative ease.

Given the manual operation method of this machine, you’ll have to know that you will have to set up each pitch. This means that pitching with this considerably slower than if you have a motor-powered pitching machine so keep that in mind.

#5 Best Manually Operated  Machine: Louisville Slugger Black Flame Pitching Machine 

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10/20/2022 03:14 am GMT

At a glance:

Pitch speeds: 18 – 50 mph

Pitch types: Fastballs, flyballs, grounders

Pitching mechanism: Manual crank

Weight: 22 lbs

The Blue Flame is one of the most popular manual pitching machines in the business. However, Louisville decided that they needed to improve on it and create the Black Flame – the newer and improved version!

The Black Flame is much like its predecessor in that it’s a crank and lever-operated machine. The Black flame does boast of a higher pitch speed, max out, and 50 mph! It also can throw fly balls like its predecessor, depending on how you adjust the ball on the lever arm.

The Black Flame is also a lighter version and weighs only 22 pounds, making it easier to move around. A the thing to note because of its lightweight is its tendency to buck a bit when it pitches, so considers using something to stabilize it for consistent pitches

Tips To Keep In Mind When Looking For A Pitching A Machine

Persons using the machine

This one seems a little strange, but the first thing you want to consider is who will be using the machine? If buying it for your kid who just happened to try baseball but doesn’t seem to be very interested in it, then you might as well forego the pitching machine altogether and focus on manual pitching instead.

Are you buying it for a team? That’s great! Consider the age range that you’re buying for – generally, the lower the ages or experience, the less likely they’ll need a machine that can throw all kinds of balls. Instead, focus on getting them fastballs or pitches that you think they’ll be encountering at their level.

Pitch variety

Try not to focus on the speed of the balls that the machines can throw; if you want to increase the speed or the reaction times of your players, move the device closer to simulate a faster ball. Instead, focus on the types of pitches that you or your team might encounter at your level of play.

Will you most likely see straights or fastballs, or are you at the level where your opponent’s start getting tricky with their pitches, incorporating sliders, curveballs, and splitters in their repertoire? In that case, you might want to invest in machines that can replicate those kinds of pitches to help your batters’ practice against them.

Need to do defensive training as well? Look for pitching machines that can help your fielders with flies, line drives, and grounders.


Of course, always consider the price of the machine. It won’t do you any good to go and break the bank for a device that won’t see much use or doesn’t fit the needs of your particular team.

Sure, a more expensive pitching machine might have all the bells and whistles, but if your target doesn’t need those pitches, then why not settle for a lower price one that can do the minimum of what you need and adjust from there?

Power and Durability

And of course, don’t forget to check the power supply of the pitching machine you have and invest accordingly. Sure motor-powered pitching machines are great, but having to lug around a battery and a motor may not be the most ideal if your team is highly mobile. You also have to take into account the weather! Is your machine capable of working in the rain?

Make sure to check! Otherwise, you’ll have a rather useless machine taking up space in the garage!

Durability is also a must to take note of. Are you using the suitable balls on the right machine?

Because using balls that the machine can’t handle might damage it. Also, consider the price of parts that may need replacing, such as the wheels in devices exposed to the wear and tear of throwing pitch after pitch. 

So that about wraps up our discussion on pitching machines! Baseball is a fun and intense sport. It’s always a good feeling to see one’s self-improving.

Practicing on pitching machines is an excellent way of doing that. Whether you are just started baseball as a hobby or are a baseball veteran looking for more ways to up your game; there’s no doubt that pitching machines can help you.