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Best Fastpitch Softball Bats: Know What’s Right For You

Best Fastpitch Softball Bats

When playing competitive fastpitch softball, having a quality and durable bat is essential to perform well. Today’s pitchers use top-of-the-edge fastpitch softball bats that are designed to help them improve their gameplay. However, with all the brands and design options that are offered, it is difficult for new players to find a bat that fits everything they look for. 

For beginner softball players, one of the first exciting tasks is to pitch a bat that would fit their style. If the player does not know the difference in material and performance quality, it may lead him/her to buy a bat that would not fit his gameplay. The best way to avoid spending excessive money on poor-quality bats is to research and reach articles about its different types.

This article will give you the best fast-pitch softball bats for power hitters and slappers. Through reading about their properties and bat design, you will know more about the composition of the best fastpitch softball bat. By the end of this article, you will hopefully find a bat that will suit your preferences and game position.

Best Fastpitch Softball Bats

The recent innovations from well-known bat companies such as Louisville Slugger, Easton, Marucci, and DeMarini have widened the options for buying fastpitch bats. This means that players can now also buy bats that are newly innovated with the latest updates in bat technology. The following are the top-rated fast-pitch softball bats based on their overall performance and durability.

1. Louisville Slugger LXT

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Many bat enthusiasts have named the Louisville Slugger LXT the “best fastpitch softball bat” for a good reason. It comes as a balanced three-piece, all-composite bat approved by both ASA and USSSA. This new  2021 model is a speed composite design that showcases Louisville’s PBF technology. With an improved pop that gives the bat a wider barrel, this bat is good for further maximizing the sweet spot.

An updated VCX2 Connection in this bat also adds more flex between the handle and barrel. This is great for reducing hand sting from swinging the bat. Its new grip provides tack and cushioning even on occasional mishits.

2. 2021 Rawlings Mantra Fastpitch Bat

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10/20/2022 03:15 am GMT

The 2021 version of the Rawlings Mantra fastpitch bat is a two-piece composite and is a replacement for the Quatro Pro. The drop 10 version is advisable for beginners or players that don’t like heft in their bats because of its lighter swing. While drop 9 is advisable for bigger and stronger high school and collegiate players.

The 2021 Rawling Mantra is designed to maximize barrel performance with its inner barrel design. It is 15 percent thinner than the average fastpitch bat which makes it poppier. Its connection piece coupled with the lightweight end cap gives the bat excellent balance and feel. 

The lizard skin’s grip is a nice touch because it gives comfort and reduces sting. When attached with a Blast Motion Sensor, its built-in knob technology gives the player more access to data.

3. DeMarini CF Zen

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Compared to the 2020 CF Zen, the 2021’s features and construction barely changed but it is still one of the best fastpitch bats. Available as a drop 10 or 11, the CF Zen is a balanced two-piece, all-composite bat approved for both  USSSA and ASA leagues.

Feature-wise, the Zen uses a Paraflex Plus Composite as seen through its massive sweet spot. The handle and barrel are joined by a fusion connection that allows maximum energy transfer to the barrel with a minimum sting. The end cap improves batting performance without sacrificing speed through its strong and lightweight material.

Overall, its long barrel and numerous flex through its 3-Fusion Connection piece make this  2021 model ideal for experienced players.

4. Mizuno PWR CRBN

The Mizuno PWR CRBN is made up of what is commonly found in fastpitch bats: composite material and balance. It is also approved for use in  ASA, USSSA, NSA, and ISA.  Commonly sold in softball bat stores, it is a two-piece bat with  9, 10, and 11 drops.

It has a composite barrel and handles that are made from black onyx carbon which significantly improves its durability. What makes this bat unique is its dual-frequency dampener which is why this is relatively one of Mizuno’s best-selling bats. Its barrel is connected this dampened which reduces contact vibration when hitting the ball.

Best Fastpitch Long Range Bats

Power hitters, players who are expected to hit long-ranging balls, most often invest in quality fastpitch softball bats for their on-game performance. As they play a crucial role in every game, their choice of a bat will make or break their outcome. Thus, the best fastpitch bats that are mentioned in this section are especially for the benefit of power hitters.

1. DeMarini FNX

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After the DeMarini FNX bat debuted in 2020,  it easily became a crowd favorite which made it possible for its 2021 re-production. In the past, the DeMarini FNX halted its productions because of issues regarding its company, which deemed it to be illegal for a period.  The FNX is currently offering drops 8 to 10 with different grip colors by bat weight. 

Drop 10 is a red grip, drop 9 is gray, and drop eight is a black grip. The fully composite, two-piece bat with an end-loaded swing feel is certified for use in NSA, USSSA, ASA, WBSC, and ISA.  It has a continuous fiber barrel and makes a larger, more durable barrel with a wide sweet spot. 

This bat design does weigh heavier towards the barrel and will suit players who are strong enough to swing it through the zone. The composite barrel and handle connect through a direct two-piece connection that maximizes energy transfer for more swing power. 

The connection and rigid end cap give the FNX the stiff feel that is preferred by power hitters. This bat may put off players who are not used to swinging on the heavier end of a bat. 

2. 2020 Easton Ghost Double Barrel

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10/20/2022 03:16 am GMT

The 2020 Easton Ghost Double Barrel fastpitch bat clobbers balls and gets high ratings. It is often used by high school hitters who think this is the best fastpitch softball bat for 2020. It is an end-loaded bat with a swing weight that is heavier than the average fastpitch bat on the market. Also, it is legal to use in every high school in the United States.

3. 2019 Louisville Slugger FP

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This bat has a stiff, durable feel with a top-end exit speed for its affordable price. It is often used by starting power hitters because of its heavyweight and limited bat size options. For some, they consider this bat too stiff but it is generally outnumbered by those who love it.

4. DeMarini: The Goods

Best known for its great barrel and fantastic feel, the Demarini: The Goods bat is an end-load fastpitch bat that is given excellent feedback by power hitters who use it. It is in the top 20 percent of swing weights for the 2021 class and uses an upgraded connection that gives it a stiff yet comfortable feel. Big hitters love its feel, design, and power.

Although one reason why some players opt not to buy this bat is because of its expensive price. Despite it still being controlled by the BBCOR standards, power hitters still prefer stiff bats and end-loaded swings such as this one. 

5. Easton Ghost Advanced Drop 8

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10/20/2022 03:15 am GMT

The Easton Ghost Advanced is the ideal end-loaded bat despite its low durability. The bat can hit a long distance, as attested by power hitters who use it. However, the bat has a heavier weight and appears to suffer from some durability concerns.

With that said, if you are willing to buy a bat knowing that it breaks in the short run while knowing full well that you will hit home runs with it, then the Easton Ghost Advanced in a drop 8 or 9 is the best for you.

6. Demarini CF Zen Drop 5

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The drop 5 version of the 2019 CF Zen was highly reviewed by power hitters. It has the best range of swing, regardless of experience. This is advisable for players who are familiar with their bat speed and play in a USSSA.

DeMarini released the CF Zen for 2019 as a replacement for the 2018 version that was banned. Power hitters love the bat feel on hits and mishits because of its end-loaded balance and a large barrel.

Best Slappers Fastpitch Bats 

A slapper is a left-handed hitter who bunts and hits short as opposed to trying to hit the ball hard. For bats, the best slapper fastpitch bats are the Demarini CFX, 2021 LXT Louisville, and  Marucci CAT 7 Connect to name a few. These bats are designed to utilize the lefty’s swinging advantage without compromising their swinging capabilities and strength.

1. Marucci CAT 7 Connect

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Marucci’s Cat 7 Connect is composed of a two-piece hybrid, leaning towards the heavier side of the batting category. This is why this is advisable for high school and collegiate players. The bat comes with a 10 percent end load, which means it can swing 10 percent heavier than other CAT bats. 

Also, the connective piece and grip texture makes the Marucci CAT 7 Connect comfortable to hold on to without damaging the gang from overstretching.

2. Demarini CF

Fortunately, Demarini is a popular fastpitch bat because of the numerous features it gets from sleeper-approved bat review pages. The bat provides a long barrel that is weighted on the hands rather than the barrel. This enables optimal barrel control and manipulation for slappers.

The 2020 DeMarini CF has a 14-inch barrel that provides maximum plate coverage. The tight barrel design provides two walls that create a receptive hitting platform, which reaches the best spot.

Despite its positive reviews, a complaint mentioned by slappers is the frequency they experience “mis-hits” when using this bat. To address the issue, the company reduced ball sting to provide better energy transfer and swing assistance.

3. Louisville 2021 LXT

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The LXT is a good alternative if Demarini is not available for purchase. It comes with numerous drop variations however the drop 11 is the most preferred. The Louisville 2021 LXT offers to drop 8, 9, 10, and 11, with drop 11 being the lightest and most popular yet.

The LXT is a 3-piece bat as opposed to the average 2-piece. The bat is equipped with a Vibration Control Connection in the middle. This aims to reduce ball sting and vibration in the handle while providing the barrel with more durability. In addition, the barrel and handle are independent.

4. 2018 CFX Slapper

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The DeMarini CFX Slapper fastpitch bat is mostly used by left-handed batters in the field. In its drop 10 design, it provides a bigger sweet spot and plate coverage because of its paraflex barrel. It has a length of 14 inches and offers better barrel control and grip control. 

It also has a half and half 2-piece design with a 3-Fusion System that helps control the bat’s weight and movement. The 2018 CFX Slapper has a 3-fusion end cap and handles which allows for weight to be more precisely distributed for quality performance. 

For non-slappers, the RCK knob this bat has helps the lighter-swinging fastpitch bat to have enough mass and pop. This helps drive the ball into the gap for the element of surprise to the opposition.


Slappers and power hitters are two of the more crucial fastpitch players to exist. They play important roles in each game, but when using poor-quality bats, it could mean the difference between a championship and leaving early. 

If you want to be the best, one way to do so is to start investing in quality fastpitch bats suited for your softball position. You must remember to keep pushing forward, and stopping will not always help your improvement.  By getting introduced to the variety of fastpitch bats, it is up to you to choose what you think will improve your performance.